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About the Pratt

The mission of the Library is to provide equal access to information, services, and opportunities that empower, enrich and enhance the quality of life for all. One of the nation’s first free library systems, the Pratt was founded in 1886 by Enoch Pratt who envisioned a place where all “races, ages, and socioeconomic classes mingled and people could educate themselves without cost.” Today the Library provides innovative, responsive programming that creates opportunities for the city’s citizens.

Central Library building

Because public dollars do not stretch beyond basic operating expenses, private support is critical to fund signature programs that have come to define the Pratt. From emergent literacy to workforce development, from Pennsylvania Avenue to Canton, the Enoch Pratt Free Library is a place where residents of the City are Free to Bmore.

Enoch Pratt Free Library Board of Trustees and Directors

  • Benjamin Rosenberg, Chair
  • Patricia Lasher, Immediate Past Chair
  • Mychelle Famer, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Nancy Hackerman, Vice Chair, Board of Directors
  • Jeffrey H. Scherr, Vice Chair, Board of Directors
  • Mark Kaufman, Treasurer
  • Beulah Sabundayo, Secretary, Pratt Insiders Chair
  • Virginia K. Adams
  • Kenneth S. Aneckstein
  • Sandra Berman
  • Steven Boothe
  • Sarah Brandt
  • Mary H. DeKuyper
  • Edward S. Delaplaine, II
  • Derrick Dickens
  • Nancy Dorman
  • Christine M. Espenshade, Pratt Insiders Chair
  • Susan K. Gauvey
  • Sandra P. Gohn
  • Robert S. Hillman
  • Jacob Hodes
  • Allan D. Jensen
  • Verna Jones-Rodwell
  • Alexander W. Koff
  • Lisa Lipsky
  • Sayra Wells Meyerhoff
  • James Dabney Miller
  • Elizabeth K. Moser
  • Robert Nye
  • Lidia Paz-Baker
  • Kate Rawson Powell
  • Vernon A. Reid
  • Paul S. Sarbanes
  • Robert L. Waldman

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